Timeless dedication to the the craft.  Fearlessly innovating for the future.

From basic wood chocks to vertical metal rack structures, conventional storage methods are unstable, unsightly and inefficient.
The Wilhelmsen barrel cradle is designed to protect against human error, stand the test of time, and Mother Nature’s most fierce conditions. Our state of the art cradle system for barrel storage creates a new sense of safety and security for your most precious people and products.  


Designed to support Chateau Stacking (pyramid) storage methods. Our cradles are a superior replacement for dated and conventional wood chocks.  Each cradle is manufactured out of stainless steel, providing superior strength and weather protection. Our simple design requires no assembly, no training, and is an aesthetic beauty.
All cradles go through a rigorous inspection process. Our team ensures only the highest quality cradles are delivered to your vineyard.

“Initially the plan was to do just chalks, we tried to think of the next best thing to make it safe. We loved the idea, it made sense as an investments signed off on it right away. It was an easy sell”

Winery Owner