For generations, wood chocks have been the foundation on which barrels of the finest wines and spirits rested. Inspired by the age-old practice of chateau or pyramid stacking, the Wilhelmsen barrel cradle is engineered to offer the newest and safest way to store product.
Rather than the straight lines and harsh, linear angles of conventional racks, Wilhelmsen follows the natural curves of a barrel, resulting in the most precise and form-fitting support.
German engineered and manufactured with stainless steel, the Wilhelmsen cradle is constructed according to old-world standards, using new-world technology. This patent-pending cradle system is built to last.

“For Safety, we didn’t want people needing to climb barrels or needing to constantly use fork lifts to move full barrels racks up and down. That’s why we went with more traditional French stacking style. Plus it looks really pretty!”

Wine Master

Wilhelmsen Barrel Cradles are proven. We tested our racks at the University of California, Berkeley Earthquake test lab to see how stood up against the magnitudes of an earthquake. The results were literally off the charts. The testing stopped at an 8.5 magnitude earthquake and the barrels were still stacked and no product was lost.